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Ozone Music Education Foundation

A 501(c)(3) Tax Exempt Nonprofit Organization

Our mission is to enhance the appreciation & education of music for the people of St. Tammany Parish. We provide both children and adults with music education and support their endeavors in songwriting and other careers within the music industry.

In 2019, the Ozone Music Education Foundation launched the Ozone Music Gifting (OMG)
program as a community service project. Through the program, we loan musical instruments to students between the ages of 10 and 18.

We depend on the generous support of volunteers and donors. You can assist us by either providing a cash donation, or an instrument. If you'd like to volunteer, please contact us.


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Ozone Songwriter Symposium featuring great speakers

  • A Song – Where does it begin?
  • The Future of Songwriting
  • 9 Home Recording Studio Basics
  • The Process of Publishing
  • Copyright Registration
  • Co-Writer Agreements
  • Social Media and Branding
  • ...and much more!

Ozone Songwriter Festival

The Ozone Songwriter festival is a two-day, original-music festival, covering four stages in Mandeville, LA which is in the New Orleans metro area.

This year's festival is cancelled due to Covid 19 and restrictions

October 19 - 20, 2019
Mandeville, LA

Click on the image for a map to the festival location in beautiful Mandeville, LA.


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Ozone Music Education Foundation


That every individual who wishes to be educated on aspects of the music industry and songwriting has the resources and the knowledge to reach their full potential.


The Ozone Music Education Foundation provides music education, support and mentorship to those wanting to learn the music industry, and develop skills and knowledge as songwriters and musicians.


Education—Music education is available to individuals of all ages to develop skills and knowledge to pursue music to their fullest ability and desire.

Industry Growth—St. Tammany Parish is a thriving music community and destination for local, regional and national musicians.

Development—Songwriters of all ages have performance, mentoring and networking opportunities.

Meet Our Board of Directors

We have a dedicated, all volunteer board of directors that is passionate about our cause. For full details on our diverse and capable board members, please visit the board governance page.

  • I've had a long career as a professional songwriter and I wanted to give back to the community in the New Orleans area. The Ozone Music Education Foundation is my legacy and I believe in our mission with all of my heart.
    Greg Barnhill Greg Barnhill President, Ozone Music Education Foundation
  • I've been fortunate enough to use my musical skills professionally through my media company. So many young people drift away from music because there's no support structure. The Ozone Music Education Foundation is my opportunity to help change that and provide support for music in St Tammany Parish.
    Buzz Jackson Buzz Jackson Secretary, Ozone Music Education Foundation
  • I am passionate about songwriting and hold an unwavering belief that local Songwriters should have a platform upon which to present their art—music. I am convinced that this foundation will enhance music appreciation and provide integral annual entertainment for adults and students in the New Orleans North Shore community.
    Mary Grace Knapp Mary Grace Knapp Director, Ozone Music Education Foundation
  • I believe in this organization because it fills a void. My daughter is a 16-year-old budding singer/songwriter who has been in the St. Tammany Parish Talented Music program since 2nd grade. Though it has been invaluable in shaping her music talent, the focus has been on performance. There are no programs for young people who aspire to be songwriters, producers, music engineers and promoters. The Foundation, through funds raised from the festival, aims to change that.
    Susan Russel Susan Russel Director, Ozone Music Education Foundation
  • Growing up, my parents struggled to purchase my first drum so that I could pursue my fascination with music. This represented a true burden for my family and I know there are other children today whose family’s would like to give the lifelong gift of music to their children but simply cannot. I want to help those children.
    Michael Blache Michael Blache Vice President, Ozone Music Education Foundation
  • When I was younger, music was my life. Though I wanted a career in the industry, I was pressured into a different direction so I just shut down that part of myself. Almost thirty years later, I picked up my guitar and started writing songs and I've come to realize that I'm happier, better balanced, and more productive when music is in my life. Whether they pursue it professionally or recreationally, I want people to have the support and opportunity to keep the music going!
    John West John West Director, Ozone Music Education Foundation
  • I am excited about the Foundation’s potential impact on our music community and is honored to be a part of the Foundation Board. Providing education and opportunity to adults and youth is near and dear to my heart. I look forward to the Foundation and it’s Songwriter Festival being a driving force in providing both to our super talented Parish and Region!
    Christine Barnhill Christine Barnhill Treasurer, Ozone Music Education Foundation
  • Having raised three daughters who have a passion for art and music, it’s my sincere hope that the Foundation fosters the development of local music professionals and the local music industry.
    Randy Russell Randy Russell Director, Ozone Music Education Foundation
  • As a member of the Louisiana Music Hall of Fame, I am proud to be a director for the Ozone Music Education Foundation and fully support its mission to help educate and promote local songwriters.
    Ricky Windhorst Ricky Windhorst Director, Ozone Music Education Foundation
  • For me, it’s not just about the love of writing and performing my own songs, it’s also about appreciating and helping others who are expressing themselves. Who better to hear songs from than the ones who created them with their own blood, sweat, and tears?
    Tommy Ike Hailey Tommy Ike Hailey Director, Ozone Music Education Foundation
  • My kids are both singers, musicians and songwriters, so that's even more reason why it's important to me to support the arts whenever I can.
    Kara Bachman Kara Bachman Director, Ozone Music Education Foundation

We'd Like to Thank Our Sponsors

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Metro Credit Services
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